A Guide to Making a Flash Animation


How do you make a Flash animation? Before making an animated movie, let’s first start with a basic object to animate so you can familiarise yourself with how the Adobe Flash program works. Let’s make an animation of a bouncing ball.

1. Make a new file project in Adobe Flash. Configure your settings and familiarise yourself with the software’s interface.

2. Draw or import the image of the ball you intend to animate. You can use an existing image by importing it to Flash. Go to “File,” “Import,” and “Image into Library/Stage.” The area where the animation takes place is called the “stage.”

Another option is to directly draw the image using the program’s “Paint” or “Pencil” tool, both of which are located in the tool bar.

3. Separate your visual elements into layers so you can have the ability to individually edit each layer instead of having to create the entire image every time you want to make changes. Decide on how you will separate the layers of the image, either according to color, other small details, or a combination of both. You can create a new layer by clicking “Insert,” “Timeline,” and “New Layer.”

4. Make a symbol by selecting all layers in your “Timeline,” as seen from the top of the screen, then right click on your visual elements. Select “Convert to Symbol” so you can animate all the pieces of your image (initially separated into layers) at once. This process also creates a subsection under your main “Scene.”

Note that putting multiple images on a symbol or multiple symbols on one layer is not advisable because it can result in inconsistent movements in your animated content.

5. Name your symbol by going to the “Properties” bar located at the bottom of your workspace, then click on the first dropdown option. Select “Movie Clip” as your type of symbol, then simply choose an identifiable name in the blank “Instance Name” box found below it.

6. Start animating your ball image according to the symbols you made. For each symbol, create a layer in the main stage. Notice that there is a keyframe for each layer in the timeline, and for each symbol you have in your project. Create a new keyframe by pressing “F6” or clicking “Insert,” “Timeline,” and “Keyframe.” Go to your second keyframe and move your symbol to the area you want it to move to.

7. Press “F5” or click “Insert,” “Timeline,” and “Frame” to add frames containing the same information as the keyframe you initially selected. Each frame actually represents the animation’s running time. The number of frames determines the playback time. The more frames, the longer the animation will be.

8. Add the animation by initially clicking on one of the regular frames between one of your two keyframes, then look for the box that shows up on the “Properties” bar, which will give your animation status. Select “Motion” in the “Tween” dropdown menu. This will highlight the space between the two keyframes located in your timeline. Simply draw a straight line between the two keyframes.

Experiment on how the animated ball looks during playback, then use the “Motion Tween” process according to how you want the ball to move on screen.

9. Export your animated project by pressing “File” and “Export.” This creates a .swf file, which you can typically upload straight to the Internet. You may also want to convert the file into a video format like .mp4, .mov, .avi,.wmv, or .3gp, so you can upload and play it in a variety of video-playing programs and gadgets.

Otaku Poem

Anime Poems

This family reunion of sorts,
costumed kin
in the thousands,
pours us upon unsuspecting cities
like a deluge of long-stoppered nerd-dom.

This wonderment uncorked
on these
metropolitan inns
manifests a family fostered on forums
and figured of passionate anime fans.

Urban avenues are rivulets for
our annual outlet of ardor,
our fanaticism and friendships,
family formed of the fandoms,
parading in rainbows of fantasy and fabric.

The Best of the Web: Webcomics


The Internet is the birthplace of innovation in our modern era and nowhere is this more true than in the cultural realm. Comics are no exception and have experienced exponential change and development since the first comics began to hit the Web. This article will focus on five of the best comics currently being produced. In Order:

5. Starslip, by Kris Straub – Starslip, previously Starslip Crisis, is a comic set in a far future where Earth is greatly changed (for example, Japan has left the planet and is now a planet of its own). Following the epic story of MemnonVanderbeam, formerly the curator of an art museum (set aboard a spaceship) and now the captain of the fleet’s greatest ship, we follow the crew on their quirky adventures. Vanderbeam is pretentious and snooty, yet lovable all the same. The art is a bit questionable, but the comic is still a top 5.






Most Popular Comic Books


Every month hundreds of comic books hit the shelves. It seems like new titles appear every month. With all of these comics to choose from, here you can check few most popular comics, check it out.

 Astonishing X-Men

 Astonishing X-Men has been a fan favorite for decades. To many, the X-men represent the oppressed underdog. This comic book consistently shows a creative team at the top of their game. While the series has been going for years, story arcs usually last around six issues allowing new readers places to jump in.  

 Justice League Of America

 Various comic book series featuring the Justice League have remained generally popular with fans since inception and, in most incarnations, its roster includes DC’s most popular characters. The Justice League concept has also been adapted into various other entertainment media, including various forms of television from the classic Saturday morning.

 New Avengers

 Brian Michael Bendis changed the Avengers forever. He relaunched the title with a brand new team of heroes adding fan favorite characters Spider-Man and Wolverine to the mix. With artists like Francis Leinil Yu on the New Avengers and Frank Cho on the upcoming Mighty Avengers, Bendis has taken the Avengers to new heights of popularity.


 Wolverine is arguably one of the top characters in the Marvel universe. The title has seen many great creators associated with it, and it continues to sell well. The latest creative team of Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi will surely send Wolverine’s popularity even further forward.


Teen Titans

 The Teen Titans have seen a huge rise in popularity with the help of a smash hit cartoon series, as well as some great writing and art. Writer Geoff Johns has taken the Titans to new ground that would make the classic team of Perez and Wolfman proud.